The harness

Wigg sisters on TV One News West Auckland based twins Sheryl and Cheree Wigg are being hailed as harness racing world record holders after an astonishing double act on the weekend.

The harness

British Dictionary definitions for harness harness noun an arrangement of leather straps buckled or looped together, fitted to a draught animal in order that the animal can be attached to and pull a The harness something resembling this, esp for attaching something to the bodya parachute harness mountaineering an arrangement of webbing straps that enables a climber to attach himself to the rope so that the impact of a fall is minimized the total system of electrical leads for a vehicle or aircraft weaving the part of a loom that raises and lowers the warp threads, creating the shed archaic armour collectively in harness at one's routine work Show More verb tr to put harness on a horse usually foll by to to attach a draught animal by means of harness to a cart, etc to control so as to employ the energy or potential power ofto harness the atom to equip or clothe with armour Show More Derived Formsharnesser, nounharnessless, adjectiveharness-like, adjective Word Origin for harness C Non-military sense of "fittings for a beast of burden" is from early 14c.

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The Celtic words also are believed to be from French, as are Spanish arnes, Portuguese arnez, Italian arnese. Prive harness late 14c.Harness definition is - the equipment other than a yoke of a draft animal.

The harness

How to use harness in a sentence. the equipment other than a yoke of a draft animal; gear, equipment; especially: military equipment for a horse or man. Mercedes touts the GL as "Light Truck / SUV" in their own web site.

They also have made various claims as to its military heritage, its "ruggedness" and "off-road suitability" implying this is a well-constructed, tough vehicle designed for the rigors of off road driving.

die in harness To die while still actively working or still of the age or physical condition to do so (i.e., before retirement). With medicine and healthcare improving at such vast rates, far fewer people die in harness than ever before.

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See also: die, harness back in(to) (the) harness Resuming one's daily work. I'm not thrilled to get back into the. A set of brown brass pony pair harness to suit hh - hh. The harness is complete, in excellent condition and very supple.

The breast collars measure 48" long, the breechings measure 46" long and the complete circumference of the pads on the last hole is 75". After testing 14 harnesses, we found that the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness is the best harness for most dogs (and their owners).

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It has both front and back attachment points, and it is well-constructed, safe, easy to put on, available in a variety of sizes, and backed by a great warranty. German Harnisch "harness, armor" is the French word, borrowed into Middle High German. The Celtic words also are believed to be from French, as are Spanish arnes, Portuguese arnez, Italian arnese.

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