Post field trip writing activity sheets

Wott Introduction Field trips offered to school children are a key component of public garden educational programming. Investigations involving living museums have occurred for decades, supporting the use of field trips as educational activities.

Post field trip writing activity sheets

Call the Asombro Institute office to schedule your school's field trip.

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This program is open to all schools in southern New Mexico and West Texas. If your students participated in an Asombro field trip previously, we will not duplicate the education stations they did the previous year, unless otherwise requested. Field Trip Activity Stations: Animal Adaptations 3rd4th and 5th grade standards Students are introduced to desert animals and their physical and behavioral adaptations.

Use of live animals is key to giving students an up-close look at some of the more elusive animals found in the desert. Using a microscope, students get a look into the world of microbiology by viewing various species of protozoa found in the rumen. Desert Plant Adaptations 3rd4th and 5th grade standards Students are introduced to five native Chihuahuan Desert plants barrel cactus, ocotillo, creosote bush, yucca, and honey mesquite.

post field trip writing activity sheets

Fossils 3rd4th and 5th grade standards Students learn that fossils represent evidence of plants and animals that lived many years ago. Students get a sense of the immensely long timeline from the beginnings of the Earth until today. They will understand how fossils were formed and then observe and draw actual fossils from a variety of plants and animals.

Microclimates 3rd4th and 5th grade standards Students use the scientific process and scientific instruments to test hypotheses made about microclimate differences. Play It Safe 3rd4th and 5th grade standards Through a fun activity, students learn about being safe in the desert.

Knowing what to wear, what to bring and what to do if they see snakes, spiders, bees and other animals, students gain an understanding of their unique ecosystem. By using actual skulls, students will be able to see and draw the characteristics of the skulls and learn to identify the differences between carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores.

Radio Telemetry 3rd4th and 5th grade standards This station is based upon field research using radio collared brush mice. Student use radio telemetry equipment to find realistic toy brush mice that have been placed by Asombro staff. Once located, students take field measurements of the mice.

Rock Cycle 3rd4th and 5th grade standards Students will understand the rock cycle and rock formation by learning some characteristics of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.

They will practice using their knowledge by sorting some rocks into the appropriate categories. Tricks of the Trade 3rd4th and 5th grade standards This field trip station introduces students to some of the tools scientists use to capture and identify animals.

They are introduced to a number of different trap types, learn how to identify many common animals from their skulls, and practice using a dichotomous key to identify an unknown animal.

In your classroom Cost: Approximately one hour per presentation The Asombro Institute can bring a bit of hands-on science and the desert to your classroom.Post-Field Trip Activities.

Section F Overview Students extend their learning Have students look at their journals or inventory sheets from the Refuge visit. Discuss the plants and animals that they observed while field trip will give students a greater understanding of the complex ecosystem found at the Refuge.

Objectives. Please select your choice for the following questions.

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Do you feel that the length of the whole field trip was appropriate? Too Long Just the right length. We've got lots of fun football printables for kids, including bookmarks, certificates, bookplates, writing paper and more!

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post field trip writing activity sheets

The pre-field trip activity in this companion guide has been designed to introduce students to the topics they will learn about and the during and post-field trip activities have been designed to connect and extend student learning to classroom concepts.

innovation (from the Post-Field Trip activity) should be applied to similar defensive architecture locally. En g in e e rin g: H ave students bring recycled materials (boxes, paper towel rolls, container, etc.).

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