Media ethics case studies

The Institute for Global Ethics website includes a section on business dilemmas Pg. The Media Education Foundation offers many documentaries, including ones on media ownership Pg. The Center for News Literacy shows school teachers how to teach news literacy Pg.

Media ethics case studies

It started three decades ago. And in the spring ofthe killer sent the paper a letter after 16 years of silence, apparently sparked by a story about the 30th anniversary of the first killing. BTK killed eight people.

The first was Jan. A reader found a letter inside a book at a local library and called the newspaper. The killer also has sent letters and made phone calls to a local television station, but his main media connection has been the Eagle.

The newspaper has involved itself in the in other ways.

Media ethics case studies

Eagle Reporter Hurst Laviana, who followed the case for more than 20 years, was one of three reporters who were asked to give DNA samples last summer, in a desperate attempt to find the mysterious killer.

Apparently he was cleared; he never heard back from investigators. The Eagle cooperated without a fight but was criticized by the DA for running a story about the subpoenas.

All of this puts the newspaper in an awkward position. The killer seems almost to be using it as an agent of communication. It is both a provider of evidence and chronicler of the news.

Some employees worried that BTK might target them as attention increases. And how much should it cooperate with law enforcement authorities? Put yourself in the shoes of the editor of the Eagle, or of a television station that might have received similar communications.

The Wichita community, terrorized for years by a mysterious killer, certainly has a stake in finding out who this person is and incarcerating him or her to prevent future potential harm. The killer is a prime stakeholder, an odd duck who seems to enjoy tantalizing the media and the public with taunts about his or her identity.

What would happen if you were to stop forwarding every communication from this clearly imbalanced individual? What is the greatest good for the greatest number? Explain it to yourself, and write it down to help you articulate it. On June 28,he pleaded guilty to 10 counts of murder.Case Studies as Ethics Training ToolsMankind censure injustice fearing that they may be the victim of it, and not because they shrink from.

Cases. More than 50 case studies match ethics concepts to real world situations. From journalism to performing arts to foreign policy to scientific research to social work, these cases explore a range of current and historic ethical dilemmas, their motivating biases, and their consequences.

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As we have done for the past few years, iMediaEthics has collected our list of the top 10 media ethics issues of the year. Below, read iMediaEthics' Top 10 Media Ethics Issues of , a. Find ethics case studies on bribery, sourcing, intellectual property, downsizing, and other topics in business ethics, corporate governance, and ethical leadership.

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Media ethics case studies.