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And now we have the Pumpkin Moon!

Imp 1 pow 14 mega pow

Andross returns as an Assist Trophy. He retains his features from Super Smash Bros. She creates a purple cloud when summoned, which causes opponents caught in it to move slower and take continuous damage, causes healing items to inflict damage, and also causes other random effects.

It attacks players by lunging at them, much akin to its mainstream Mario appearances.

When summoned as an Assist Trophy, the two paddles appear on both sides of the screen as a game starts. The two paddles proceed to hit the ball back and forth, the ball damaging any opponents in its path that it hits. Players can also attack the ball to send it in a different direction.

A score is kept above, though it does not impact the match; clapping can also be heard each time a point is scored. She appears as an Assist Trophy using her appearance from Metroid Prime 3: Corruptionattacking using a variety of Phazon-based abilities, such as tentacles that sprout from the ground, a burst of shots from her arm cannon, or spherical missiles that home in on enemies.

Imp 1 pow 14 mega pow

If enough damage is dealt to her, a ball of light forms around her before she disappears; otherwise, she simply disappears after a period of time. After being hired as a ranger to make money, his job is to defend villages from being raided by creatures called Grocks.

After doing this a few times, he charges up a more powerful attack that sends him flying off the stage before disappearing. Kawashima creates numbers that can be attacked to knock them around. When they collide and the numbers add up to ten, they cause an explosion.

Wright returns as an Assist Trophy, retaining his previous features. He was originally created by Dr. Light for the purpose of controlling the voltage at nuclear power plants, but was reprogrammed by Dr. When summoned as an Assist Trophy, he runs and jumps around the stage and fires his Special Weapon, Thunder Beam, which sends out bolts of electricity in three directions that damage any opponents they hit.

He attacks primarily through his sword and by throwing projectile diamonds when jumping. He constantly moves around while attacking and, if he falls off the stage, teleports to the edge. If enough damage is dealt to him, he will stagger before disappearing; otherwise, he will simply go away after a period of time.

All four randomly appear on the stage and attack opponents in a similar fashion to their appearance in the first Pac-Man game. After a while, they speed up before leaving the screen. No Hammer Bro returns as an Assist Trophy character.

Brawlexcept at a smaller size. New Leafappears as an Assist Trophy. She assists fighters by tossing different types of fruit. Brawl as well as his 1 in 5 chance of attacking twicethough now his fireworks move straight up before homing in on opponents.

He largely retains his features from the previous installmentbut his attacks are weaker, and he can perform two Rising Breaks or Smash Punches before disappearing rather than one like in the previous game. Brawl, albeit at a faster pace.

Yes Lyn Lyn returns as an Assist Trophy - besides an updated appearance, she largely remains the same as in Brawlreusing the same attack with the same effects. However, she is now able to be damaged; if enough damage is done to her before she attacks, she will disappear; otherwise, she disappears after attacking.

Imp 1 pow 14 mega pow

Uprising and is considered to be one of the strongest humans in the world. As an Assist Trophy, he attacks by using his club-like sword. He can also jump to reach airborn fighters and dash forward to reach those farther away. If he starts to fall towards a pit, he jumps back towards the edge.

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