How to write a policy recommendation report example

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How to write a policy recommendation report example

A policy recommendation is simply written policy advice prepared for some group that has the authority to make decisions, whether that is a Cabinet, council, committee or other body. Policy recommendations are in many ways the chief product of the ongoing work of government managers to create and administer public policy.

Policy recommendations have a lot in common with briefing notes. Like a briefing note, a policy recommendation serves to inform senior decision-makers about a policy issue.

However, a policy recommendation document goes further than a briefing note, providing both a more in-depth analysis of the options and a policy recommendation. Policy recommendations are the key means through which policy decisions are made in most levels of government.

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How to write actionable policy recommendations - Research to Action Tips and an Example By Kyle Watkins last updated: Recommenders, too, have found themselves with less and less space to make an impact:
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Status of this Document The main problem stems from the fact that, all too often, reports focus on the writer instead of the reader.

In our federal and provincial governments, policy recommendations are brought forward by a minister or department for approval by Cabinet. Whether the policy recommendation is accepted as sound advice or dismissed in favour of another option largely depends on how well the issue and the arguments justifying the recommended course of action are presented.

How are Policy Recommendations Structured?

how to write a policy recommendation report example

Formats vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but have a number of common features. They all, for example, begin with an issue.

An issue, as you learned in the briefing assignment, is a matter on which a policy decision is required. Policy recommendations also, of course, include one or more recommendations. In between the issue and the recommendation though not necessarily presented between these two in the actual document is the policy analysis.

One reason for this structure is that writing policy recommendations is basically a process of problem solving.

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In some version or other there are many variations on the problem solving modelmost problem solving approaches to policy follow a simple sequence: Policy Recommendations and Analytical Reports Policy recommendation documents are really just forms of the standard analytical report.

Both documents analyze a situation and recommend a course of action. How Policy Recommendation Documents are Organized Like other analytical reports, policy recommendation documents can have a direct or an indirect structure.

The analysis discussion follows the recommendation. This part of the document covers the background, factors considered in arriving at the alternatives considered, the analysis of the options and any other information that was considered in arriving at the recommendation.

This structure allows the reader to get the most important information first.

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The reader can then read the discussion to see how the recommendation was arrived at or, of course, can skip the discussion. An indirect structure follows the traditional academic approach to inquiry: The reader follows the same sequence as the writer.

Few policy documents follow this structure; if they do, the recommendation is still presented before the analysis. What are the Characteristics of a Well-written Policy Recommendation?

By now you probably have noticed that well-written documents share the same characteristics. They fulfill a well-defined purpose for an identified audience and are clear, concise, complete and easy to read.

The same is true of policy documents. However, in the case of policy recommendations, some characteristics are especially important. Decision-makers tend to be busy people, with lots of documents demanding their attention and often a backlog.

Keep your documents as focused and concise as possible so that your readers spend only the minimum time required to glean the information they need from them.

Concisenesss is really a product of the revising and editing stages.

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No matter how complex the issue, or the recommendation, your ideas must be clear and readable.Guidelines for Writing Recommendations for: Academic Graduate School.

Indicate how long you have known the applicant and in what capacity. Graduate schools are primarily interested in recommendations that come from professors who know the applicant and his/her academic work as well as from employers.

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