Classification of gifted and talented students essay

Gifted individuals will often have IQs measuring within points of an immediate family member.

Classification of gifted and talented students essay

By the age of 5 he had read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica and was reading the newspaper daily. His early conversations began as a mimic of the adults around him but soon it was apparent that he was elaborating on his own. His interest in reading allowed him to learn a great deal in science and history, leaving his second- and third-grade teachers at a loss for material to teach.

There is little doubt that Robert would do well in the fourth-grade gifted class, but placement has been held up by his difficulties in spelling. Most recently, he has been having difficulty handing in assignments because of his writing problems.

Jason is in third grade and because of his high language arts achievement, is a member of the enrichment group on Fridays.

His classroom teacher wants to suspend his enrichment time because Jason is not keeping up in math. Lately, Jason has been acting out in class. He has trouble staying in his seat and has begun calling out in class.

Characteristics of Highly Able Math Students

Jason also has trouble keeping his books and papers in order, and frequently loses his work. His behaviors are disrupting to both the class and to himself. A meeting has been set up with his parents, enrichment teacher, and resource teacher to make a plan for Jason.

Both of these children exhibit characteristics of gifted children and of learning disabled children. To be gifted and learning disabled seems almost like a contradiction of terms. You, as a parent, know exactly what it means for your child.

It could be that your child is bright, motivated, verbal, and creative. Sometimes the problem could be in spelling, reading, or math. The identification of a learning disability, however, may be delayed because gifted children have the ability to mask the problems.

The criteria used to define achievement, ability, and discrepancy vary from state to state, but the law mandates that a team of experts looks at specific areas within expressive language, reading, and mathematics.

These experts then make recommendations for educational placement and remediation procedures. There are several ways that schools remediate learning disabilities.

Classification of gifted and talented students essay

Some schools have specific classrooms set up to accommodate LD students all day. There is also the option of using a resource room for part-time remediation. The child would report to the resource room at predetermined times each day or week.

Some schools have teachers or teacher aides in the regular classroom to assist the students as they have difficulties with the work during the course of the day. For those experiencing the classification process for the first time, the road can be a confusing collection of terms and opinions.

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Be sure to keep an open dialogue with the school, especially with teachers and school psychologists. Know that they are trying to help. You can help yourself by requesting appointments with those at the school who are involved.

Get as much information from them, since procedures will vary from school to school. Some districts offer printed material and pamphlets. The process generally begins with identification, then testing, followed by classification, and finally, intervention.

The identification can come from either the school or the home. In any event, someone notices that there is a problem.

It can be that the child has high standardized test scores but low achievement in classes. The teacher or the parent can request a screening with the school psychologist.

Probably the most controversial issue in education today is the use of testing. States will mandate that some form of testing be used to substantiate classification. What you as parents want to see, though, is a wide variety of tests used in the evaluation.

A psycho-educational evaluation should include information about emotional issues and achievement levels. How children feel, after all, can influence their motivation for school. The evaluation should include the following types of testing Note: Does the testing account for all areas? Most importantly, you want to see the report generated by the school psychologist prior to any committee meeting.

You have the right to see what is written about your child and should expect enough time to read it.Gifted Students Essay Examples.

Classification of gifted and talented students essay

Athletic Scholarships' Support for Physically Gifted and Talented Students. 2, words. 6 pages. An Overview of the Gifted and Talented Middle School Students. words.

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2 pages. Educational Programs for the Gifted Students. words. 2 pages. An Analysis of the Education of Gifted Students in the . According to the report the scholarly world has been in dispute regarding the features of such gifted children, how to identify gifted children, how to handle them effectively, the neuropsychological factors behind being gifted, the way the gifted people observe the world, and the common socio-cultural issues faced by gifted children.

History of Gifted Education 1. A History of Gifted Education 2. William Torrey Harris, superintendent of public schools for St. Louis, ins;tutes the earliest systema;c efforts in public schools to educate gi>ed students. Sep 28,  · Estimates vary, but many say there are around 3 million students in K classrooms nationwide who could be considered academically gifted and talented.

Identification of Gifted and Talented Students Essay Words | 9 Pages Identification of Gifted and Talented Students When I was in the second grade, all of the students at my elementary school were given a special test one day in class. Classification of Gifted and Talented Students - Classification of Gifted and Talented Students Many people have varying views on what classifies a student as gifted and talented.


According to the Office of Gifted and Talented, six qualities determine giftedness.

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