An essay on the rights and status of women in society

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An essay on the rights and status of women in society

September 21, By Gyan Women who were the most dormant segment of India population have now become active participants in all walks of life. Till now, they were only unit of the family organization. Now, women are becoming not only a significant unit of the society but also influencing the course of social change in society.

An essay on the rights and status of women in society

Women are an important element of our Society. The modern society has started recognizing the individual identity of women.

General Characteristics of the Development of Standards in the Field of Human Rights

She is believed to have her aspiration, abilities and qualities as a man does have and it is also agreed that she should have the opportunities to develop her faculties and to express them according to her own choice. Women can help the society in various ways.

They can engage in social activities and work for the betterment of the society. Young educated girls can get engaged in a profession of her choice. We need more doctors, engineers, software developers, and social workers.

The world cannot grow at good pace unless women come forward and take initiative for the development works. They can contribute enormously in the field of health care.

As a mother, her role in the development of the emotional psychological aspect of the new born child has been also very significant.

She was not only the creator and maintainer of her child but an educator and disciplinarian as well. The woman is now an important instrument of social change.

Women are participating in social organizations and are developing taste for leading a life of social involvement. Their interest in social and cultural activities is increasing. They have growing interest in travel and literary activities. There are many people and organizations working including the Government that are working for improving the social and economic position of women.

In modern times, many welfare organizations for the women have sprung up. Some of the welfare organizations have been formed at the national and state level and most of them are at local level.have equal social status in the society, have equal rights for social and economic justice, determine financial and economic choices, get equal opportunity for education, get equal employment opportunity without any gender bias, get safe and comfortable working environment.

Women have the rights to get their voices heard.

Essay on the Status of Women in India

By the same token, a society in which men are not willing to extend human rights to their mothers, the women who bore and nurtured them; their daughters, products of their own loins; and their wives, the women who bear and raise their treasured sons, is a society in which men are unwilling to extend human.

If women were granted equal religious matters and given independent legal status, then in a society which revolves around religion, women should have the same rights as men, and given freedoms to make their own decisions pertaining to most issues.

In the fifth article Richards and Gelleny research Women’s Status and Economic Globalization as a means to try to find causal links and the impact that economic globalization has on the rights of women.

An essay on the rights and status of women in society

Hence, in that capacity, we can conclude that the status of women in the modern society also can be emphasized from many angles that mirror the trends that are catching up. As far as Islamic women role and their contribution to the society today go, it is tremendous. Before the start of the Civil War, American society was far from being able to give women equal rights with men.

The most important area of women’s activity during the Civil War was charity and service in charitable organizations (women's organizations composed approximately 20%).

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